I got the chance to visit Switzerland earlier this year in February. I visited and stayed in Zurich during my three days’ trip.

I had a Swiss Airline flight to Zurich, and it turned out to be the best airline I have ever traveled in. The economy class seats were very comfortable, legroom was spacious, and the food they served was decent enough.

The flight landed at the Zurich airport during early morning. After having a breakfast of pancakes and coffee at the airport, we bought 1-2 zones day passes for 8.80 CHF each from the adjoining train station. Then, we took a train from the airport to go to the central station, Zürich Hauptbahnhof, from where our hotel was a tram ride away. I had booked a double occupancy room at Crowne Plaza Zurich for 140 USD per night (with breakfast). Fortunately, the hotel allowed an early check in after asking us to fill a membership form.
The hotel has a large building, with a restaurant, gymnasium, swimming pool, conference hall, etc. My room was small in size, but was clean and well equipped, and had a modern style bathroom. The view from my room overlooked a road and opposite buildings opposite.

buffer breakfast (without meat)

We had plans of going on a city tour on the first day, but because of bad weather, we only managed to visit lake Zurich and Bahnhofstrasse. We used our day passes to go around by public transport, which is excellent and well connected. I absolutely loved watching the streets of Zurich from the trams.

The next day, we bought a 9 O’ clock pass from the hotel for 26CHF per person. With this day pass, we could travel anywhere in the canton of Zurich via public transport (including boats, trains, buses, and trams), from 9am (on weekdays) till midnight. We used this pass to go to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall by train, which is very close to Rhine falls. The Rhine Falls is the largest plain waterfall in Europe. We walked around the falls for quite some time; it was so peaceful and the views were mesmerizing.

On our final day in Zurich, we bought a 4-zone pass for 17.60 CHF, and went to Uetliberg and Felsenegg.

We first went to Uetliberg  by train, and saw some beautiful views of the landscapes of Switzerland on the train ride. It is the highest point of Zurich and offers a panoramic view of the entire city of Zurich. There was freshly fallen snow when we reached there. Many people had come there for skiing as well. We walked around for some time and took in the beauty of that place.

The next stop was Felsenegg. To go there, we first took the train till Adliswil, walked uphill for around 500 meters, and then took the cable car to go up to Felsenegg. It had just begun to snow when we reached the top, so we couldn’t stay outside for long. This place also offered an excellent view of the city.

After Felsenegg, we went back towards the hotel. We stopped at a supermarket on the way, where I purchased some Swiss chocolates. I also bought some strawberries, which is my favorite fruit of all time, and they were amazing.


My Switzerland journey ended with an early morning train the next morning. 🙂

Weather in February: very cold. The maximum temperature used to be around 5-6° celsius, and minimum -1 to 1° celsius.
Website I used for booking hotel: makemytrip.com, as it offers discounts on most of the hotels listed. Use my refferal link while signing up to get MMT wallet cash: http://app.makemytrip.com/make80uh5-d2


I’d love to hear from you, do drop in your comments! 🙂

Next place on this blog: Italy.





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