I visited Thailand, a Southeast Asian country last year, and spent a week there. Here I’ll be sharing pictures from the trip, list of places I visited, places where I stayed, how I traveled, the websites I used for making the reservations, and other miscellaneous things.

Day I 

We landed at the Don Muang Airport (DMK) in Bangkok at 6am, which is one of the two international airports in the city, the other one being Suvarnabhumi Airport. The former is the smaller one, with mostly low budget airlines flying into and from there. Since we already had a visa, the immigration process did not take much time (Thailand offers Visa on arrival for many countries).

We made use of the restrooms at the airport to get ready for the day since we had to catch a flight in the evening, and wanted to use the day to explore the city. The airport also had a (paid) storage option where we left our luggage.

After buying a prepaid sim from the airport, we took the A1 bus to go to Mo Chit bus terminal in the city, from where we took a taxi to go to Wat Pho Temple. Since the temple seemed pretty crowded, we didn’t go inside and decided to roam around on the nearby streets. We walked around for around two hours, had some street food, and talked to a few locals about the city.

We wanted to visit the floating market nearby, but since it was very hot and we were tired from walking in the Sun, we forwent that plan. From there, we called an Uber to go to Siam Paragon mall. Took more than 50 minutes to cover a distance of 6km, because of heavy traffic. We had lunch in the mall, and did some window shopping. The mall is huge and has outlets of all high end brands, and also some affordable brands like H&M and Forever 21. After that, we walked to the MBK Center mall. This one had cheap shopping options for buying clothes, electronics, accessories, footwear, furniture, etc. I bought a local power bank for 500baht (14USD) there, and had a really good iced coffee at one of the coffee shops. By then, it was time to leave the city to go to the next city (Phuket).

We had a Thai Lion Air flight to Phuket, and landed there around 11pm. The pre-booked taxi from our hotel was waiting for us, and we managed to reach our place around 12:30am. For dinner, I bought bread and nutella from the supermarket (I am a vegetarian and all the snacks there had meat!), as it was pretty late and wasn’t sure if any restaurants nearby would be open at that time. 🙂

I’ll be writing about the island of Phuket in the next post.

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